Cyborg Tattoo Archive

Biomechanic arm tattoo

  Spectacular design, created by Mantas who works at Worthing, England. t is a bionic arm which can be seen as the skin tears apart. The details are impressive, especially with the precise details that won’t allow us to distinguish where exactly the tattoo finishes and the pure skin is.    

Divided heart

  Another design created at 7 Ink Tattoo Studio. The design outstands due its originality and uniqueness. It is a classic heart divided in two pieces; one is the classic cartoonish heart, while the other has a chess-like pattern on it. The heart lies above a metal board, and the contours seem to be the

Biomechanical leg tattoo

The fascination for robotics and cyborgs issues also has its place in the world of tattoos. The so called “biomechanical tattoos” which show the “inside” of the body being operated by machinery (either mechanical, electronic or steam devices). In this case, the calf of a man inside a complex system of gears. If you liked

Biomechanical tattoo on the arm

A tattoo by Anil Gupta, a talented artist who has a great passion for cyber-goth thematic tattoos, especially for biomechanical desgins. Here’s one of the face of a cyborg woman connected to a mechanism. Within the mechanism there are several skulls that give a darker aspect to the work. You can see more of Anil

Biomechanical arm tattoo

  Since the invention of the first automatons, there has been a fascination with the possibility of one day being able to combine this technology with humans themselves. From there arise a number of fanciful themes such as cyborgs and fantasies of the “biomechanical” technologies. A fascinating tattoo done by Anil Gupta.