Dandelions Archive

Dandelion and purple splashes

  Tattoo of a dandelion while it is been blown to pieces. You can see the small part falling  apart in the air. In the background is a splash with a watercolor style done with purple and blue ink which follows the same direction as the fragments of the flower. Made in the back of a

Carpe diem on foot

The famous phrase Carpe Diem which refers to “live the moment” it is actually translated as “take the day”. It is accompanied by a small dandelion which it is falling apart and from which small birds come out. Done at the foot of a woman.

Dandelion tattoo

Dandelion tattoo on back.

Dandelions tattoo

If you blow a dandelion and make a wish is fulfilled, or at least that’s what they say.  I found very original this dandelion tattoo .