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David Hale, the spirit of tattoo

Since I started this website (more than two years ago) I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the work of thousands of tattoo artists around the world, and I have even had the opportunity to meet some of them in the flesh. As time went by, I’ve come up with a list of the

Shark Tattoo by David Hale

    An impressive tattoo of a shark. An animal which David Hale has managed to give an amazing aspect, using the contrast of colors and a variety of curved lines & unfinished lines that give this shark movement and a threatening appearance. Sharks are one of the classical symbols for tattoos as they are seen as creatures

Blue hippo tattoo

  A blue hippo tattooed on the back of a woman, has an art style similar to Egyptian which is clearly appreciated on the flowers that have been drawn inside. This is a work of the artist David Hale, from who you can see many jobs here in the site. Made in the studio Love

Fox tattoo by David Hale

Fox tattoo, made ??by the hands of David Hale. Foxes are very aesthetic animals and represents a great intelligence and skill. See more foxes tattoos or  you can see more David Hale tattoos.

Elephant tattoo by David Hale

From tattoo artist David Hale. An elephant with his particular style, done in blue ink. More elephant tattoos  or more David Hale tattoos.