Deer Tattoo Archive

Deer antlers tattoo for girls

In the city of Brighton, the renowned Adam Sage tattoo artist did a perfect job designing this tattoo job located behind the girl’s ear, as shown in the picture. It is the deer antler, a symbol of power and adversity, but also talks about nature an elegancy.

Deer tattooed on the nape

Spider, member of T Cats in Flint did this tattoo on the neck of a girl. The studio is located in Michigan City, and is perhaps a must go if you want an artistic desgin such as this. The tattoo is the silhouette of a deer, a mysterious animal that is a symbol of the

Deer tattoo on shoulder

  A terrific tattoo of a deer done on the shoulder of a girl. A design made in soft colors to make it look like a painting, or as a simple illusion. Te deers are formidable animals from the forest that symbolize fortune, good luck and passion.

Owl and deer tattooed on the legs

A couple of interesting tattoos of an owl and a deer, each of them wearing suits and glasses. This tattoo is unfinished, but it lacks just a little of color and will be done.

Deer tattoo on back of a woman

Another tattoo of a deer, also with surreal touches, but with a very different art style. This I like how the deer emerges from what looks like a good brushstrokes. It shows a Celtic symbol in the middle of the back, and the  Annuit Coeptis symbol on deer’s neck.