Demon Tattoo Archive

Japanese Style Demon Tattoo on Hand

A rather frightening looking demon (at least that’s what I think I’m seeing here), Japanese style, done at Bold As Brass studio in Liverpool, with which this man chose to decorate this part of his body. But it’s not the only tattoo adorning his hand: there is also a message written on his knuckles, although

Tattoo of Church in Flames with Devil

At least that’s what this building looks like to me, which Mike Fite has tattooed on the leg of this man. A building accompanied by a mysterious presence, which could be interpreted as a gargoyle, a hellhound or one of the many forms that the Devil may appear in.  

Japanese tattoo on legs

  A couple of beautiful designs made on the legs of a boy. It is the work of the talented tattoo artist Adam Do, who currently works at California Kings Tattoo Studio. It is a couple of Japanese characters and inside of them the faces of two traditional characters: one is a calm face of a

Huge tattoo on the back

A huge tattoo that covers the entire back of the man and extends over his arms, neck and even head. The figure depicted is a japanese style demon with a malicious smile, the same one that is adorned with red flower petals.

The Death from Hellboy

From the Hellboy’s movie, this is the incarnation of the Death. A very interesting design, and such a big tattoo.