Devil Tattoo Archive

Entrance to hell

  An interesting tattoo of the entrance to hell. A staircase leads to a dark place full of flames. Hands are one of the most dificult places to tattoo, given the fact that it is a shighly sensible part of the body and because it tends to move a lot. An interesting work done by Jacob

Phaun tattoo on leg

  A tattoo done by Alessandro Florio. It resembles the head of a Phaun, one of the classic Greek mythological creatures. According to the Greek Mythology, these creatures were half man and half a goat, with horns in the head. Fauns inhabited forests and they would sometimes help travelers, but in other occasions they would

Demon tattoo on chest

With a Renaissance style, demon drawing on chest of a boy.

Imps tattoo on arm

Imps tattoo on arm of a girl. Good combination of red and blue.

Demon tattoo on chest

A window to hell perhaps? It is an interesting tattoo on the chest of a guy.  It is the portrait of a malevolent being, perhaps the devil himself or some other demon. The creature bleeds along the neck and seems that it gets out of the “box” in which he was confined. I find the background very