Diamond Tattoo Archive

Ruby tattooed on arm

Rubies are highly valuable gems which stand out for their intense red color. This tattoo keeps an interesting three-dimensional appearance, and it is fascinating to see how the shadow also contains flashes of light reflected by the ruby. A variation of the classic diamond tattoos.

Prism tattoos on arms

  A couple of tattoos made on the forearms of a young girl. The drawings are a pair of prisms which could well be seen as diamonds or some other type of jewelry. Both jobs were done by the artist George in the studio Victims of Ink, atVictoria, Australia.

Heart shaped diamond tattoo

Heart tattoo mead of prisms (hipsters) or it could also be seen as a diamond with a heart shape. This reminds me that phrase that says “Diamonds are forever”, that’s a lie. Get a tattoo, that’s really forever, I want to see someone losing a tattoo.

Diamonds and musical notes

A tattoo of a diamond and musical notes infron of it. Diamonds are symbols of purenes, permanence and bueaty. Music is one of the main branches of art. Tattoo done at Lost Lies Tattoo Parlor @ Haldedon, NJ.

Diamonds tattoo on arms

A couple of diamonds tattooed on the arms of a girl, with also de the phrase: To Infinity an Beyond.