Disney Tattoo Archive

Ohana tattoo on ribs

We had time without receiving visitors’ submissions, and a couple of weeks ago Vic Rivas contacted us to share his tattoo on the ribs. It is simply the word Ohana, which in Hawaiian means “Family“. Also says he loves the movie Lilo & Stitch. What do you think? Keep sending us your photos.

Woody from Toy Story

  The cowboy Woody of the films of Toy Story. He is holding the arm of Buzz Light Year, of a friendship which began with the left foot. Work done by Josh Woods from Black 13. Josh possesses an incredible talent for tattoos and many of his works are usually famous people with an original

A dreaam is a wish your hear makes tattoo

  The lyrics from a Disney movie, to be precisely, from the Cinderella’s movie. It says A dream is a wish your heart makes and is the song which Cinderella sings to convince her friends that they should never give upon dreaming. The phrase is accompanied by a small heart. A tattoo done on the lower back of a

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

For all those who’ve seen the classic Disney Movie Sleeping here’s a tattoo of Maleficent, the evil witch of the movie with her crow.  I really love this tattoo because of the impressive color combination a great composition. Lately plenty of people have got some Disney inspired tattoos, you can check many more here on the

Mickey & Mimi wrist tattoos

A couple of tattoos done at the wrists of a couple. It’s Mickey Mouse and Mimi Mouse, each one with a little heart inside the heart. It is basically the same design for both works, with only inverted colors. This represents complementation, which is commonly used on couple’s tattoos.