Disney Tattoo Archive

Dumbo Tattoo (wtf?)

Well, this one turned out to be a crazy elephant. Is Dumbo, from the Disney movies.

Bell (Disney) in zombie mode

For the love of the movies of our childhood (Belle and the Best) and our adolescence (zombies). This original piece of work is priceless.

Little mermaid kissing tattoo

A couple of tattoos done at the arms of a girl, it’s the little mermaid and her prince kissing. A very cute tattoo. Check out our other Disney Tattoos.

Mickey and Minnie tattoo

Mickey Mouse tattoo with his girlfriend, the cartoon that became famous Walt Disney. Reminds me of this other tattoo. I recommend you to see our section Disney tattoos.

Little mermaid tattoo (unfinished)

Still missing the colors, but the lines have been spectacular.