Disney Tattoo Archive

Alice caterpillar tattoo

Jaja, very funny, the smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, a classic.

The lion king movie tattoo

I love the variety of Disney tattoos that we have gathered on the site.

The lion king tattoo

Simba, from “The lion king” disney movie. Made at Good Point Tattoos Oakville, Done by Luke Colavecchi.

Mad hatter tattoo (Alice in wonderland)

I have a special fascination for the Alice in Wonderland  tale, this time the tattoo represents the card that brings with him the hatter.

Disney tattoo

Disney logo tattoo on upper back of a girl. It is the classical “D” of the Walter Disney, animator, cartoonist and creator of the Disney company. A silly thought came to my mind. Would people need to ask permission to get logos tattooed? I mean, usually they have copyrights… please Disney, don’t break the illusions of