Disney Tattoo Archive

Snow White tattoo

Snow White tattoo, one of biggest Disney cartoons.

Simba tattoo

For fans of Disney movies, or the Lion King, I know that this tattoo is a great idea.

Alice in wonderland tattoo on ribs

A tattoo of Alice in Wonderland in the abdomen and ribs of a young. It is Alice who is falling through the rabbit hole and a series of cards flying through the air. The drawing has a different style to the classic Disney cartoon prints or classic book.

Little mermaid tattoo

Little mermaid tattoo, one of Disney princess

Disney tattoo

Aladdin Tattoo, inspired in one of the classic Disney movies. The design is Aladdin holding the lamp face in astonishment. The film was released in 1992 and is perhaps one of the favorites of many young from the 80’s and 90s’ generation. Personally the story story-like of “Romeo and Juliet”, a love that society could not accept, is