Doctor Who Tattoo Archive

Dalek tattoo on arm (Doctor Who Series)

Tattoo of a Dalek (from the British television series Doctor Who).  These “lovely” machines which are perhaps the most feared beings in the universe. Remember the Dalek Rangers? Well, this could be the Blue Dalek Ranger. A tattoo that may look strange for many persons, except for those who are Whovians.

Exploding TARDIS tattoo

From one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, the Van Gogh’s one. The scene of the TARDIS exploding, drawn with a impressionist style, just as Van Gogh’s. Fans of this British series will love this tattoo without a doubt.

Tardis tattoo on foot

  Another Whovian tattoo, this time is the famous blue police box, The TARDIS. On one side is a message written in Gallifreyan, the language invented for this series, which consists of circles and lines that make an interesting effect. If you’re a fan of this series, definitely need a Tardis tattoo.

TARDIS tattoo on leg of a girl

Blue on the outside and bigger in the inside. Yes, a tattoo of the TARDIS, from Doctor Who series. The British series has become very popular for the past couple of years, but is perhaps one of the largest series on television that are still running. This blue police cabin is one of the most

TARDIS Tattoo on leg

The most famous police box around the world, the TARDIS, from the t.v. show of BBC, Doctor Who. Lately I’ve seen lots and lots of tattoos inspired in this show.