Dog Tattoo Archive

Space rocket and Laika

  A beautiful tattoo with a reto-style. It is a scene of Laika, the first dog to be on the outer space. The image shows a small and funny space rocket; and inside of this we can see the shape of Laika. The background of the tattoo is a big sun covered by some clouds.

Laika (dog) tattoo

Duke Riley surprises us with this original tattoo done in black ink.  It is a portray of the famous dog Laika, the first living creature to orbit the earth. In the picture you see Laika inside his spacecraft performing one of the most famous travel worldwide.

Courage the Cowardly Dog tattoo

  Courage the Cowardly Dog, one of the cartoons on Cartoon Network in the 90s. A pink dog living in a world full of dark and strange things. I really enjoyed this cartoon during my childhood. Above and below you can read the phrase: The things I do for love. Made in Marietta, GA by

A realistic dog tattoo

  Tattoo of a dog named “Buzz“. A design with impressive realism. Usually the idea of getting tattoos of a pet turn out in something disastrous, but if  it’s well done, as is the case, the result is impressive. Work by the artist Melissa Valiquette Sin City studio in the city of Montreal.

Polaroid tattoo

For those who love Polaroid photos, getting a tattoo of one of his pictures may sound as a great idea: it combines personal passions with some good memory. But if you are thinking about getting something like this, get a good tattoo artist, else it would turn out terrible.