Domantas Parvainis Archive

Steampunk cyborg tattoo

  A tattoo done on the chest of a man. It is a very complex image that simulates a “cyborg machinery” tearing through the skin of of the chest, it is a steampunk style of robot which contains gears. Tattoo done by Domantas Parvainis from Ink Army. Many of his works are highly detailed and contain a

Black dragon tattoo by Domantas

  A black dragon tattooed on the shoulder of a man. Done with a lot of small details, the scales look just great and there also a smoke effect on the background. Tattoo done by the talented hands of Domantas Parvainis from Ink Army tattoo studio.

Owl tattoo by Domantas Parvainis

A great realistic tattoo of an owl. Done with gray and white ink except for the eyes, which contain a very intense yellow color, which give a great contrast to the work. Owl tattoos represent intelligence, wisdom and templance. Work done by the talented tattoo artist Domantas Parvainis from Lithuania.

Angel tattoo by DOmantas Parvainis

An angel statue of marbel tattooed on the hand, it’s great details which make it look almost real. Wokr done by the talented artist Domantas Parvainis.

Blue Eye tattoo by Domantas Parvainis

A Blue eye tattooed on the back done by the artist Domantas Parvainis. Instead of an eyebrow, it has a feather.