Dragon Tattoo Archive

Buddha Tattoo on Chest

In which we see the majestic, smiling figure of Buddha, masterfully drawn by tattoo artist Jondix. A divinity radiating a sort of special energy which runs through his whole body and expands in the central part of the drawing, enclosed by two Chinese dragons.

Dragon Ball Z tattoo on arm

This tattoo is perfect for couples who like Japanese anime Dragon Ball, on the arm of the man is drawn world-renowned Shen Long surrounded by dragon balls, one of these is tattooed on the back of the girl. The tattoo conveys the supplement that would be great for a lot of couples.

Giraffe Wyrm tattoo

  Tattoo of a Norse mythological creature in the back. It is a kind of wyrm (also called European dragons) with characteristics of a giraffe. The wyrms are a different version of the traditional dragons. Tattoo done on the side of the back of a man. Made in the study Meatshop tattoo.

Black dragon tattoo by Domantas

  A black dragon tattooed on the shoulder of a man. Done with a lot of small details, the scales look just great and there also a smoke effect on the background. Tattoo done by the talented hands of Domantas Parvainis from Ink Army tattoo studio.

Shen Long tattoo on shoulder

From our fan Daniel Liévano, thanks a lot for all your submissions to the site. This time is a tattoo of Shen Long from the Dragon Ball cartoon / anime which all we watched when younger. In the chest we can also appreciate an “A” from anarchy, which we previously featured on the site.