Dragon Tattoo Archive

Full back tattoos

Full back tattoos are undoubtedly among the most spectacular we can find, and as we can deduce from its name, they are tattoos that cover the whole back. However, it is also true that they are VERY, very hard to do, they suppose long hours of work and suffering – well, that, and also they have

Dragon and skull tattoo on back

It isn’t just a pair of incredible tattoos on back, also a very good photo. I was completely fascinated by this photo.

Squamas dragon tattoo

Squamas dragon tattoo on shoulder and part of arm. A design that will take about three sessions ends.

Koi fish on shoulder

Koi fish tattoo, and a dragon tattooed on arm of a man.

Dragon tattoo on navel

 Tattoo on navel of a girl, is an oriental dragon.