Dragon Tattoo Archive

Japanese tattoo: Dragon and fish Koi

In what may be the most emblematic Japanese style tattoo, this photograph shows a sophisticated work of art of a koi fish with a Chinese dragon. The Japanese tattoo style  highlights, and details are very impressive.

Dragon tattoo done on chest

Chinese dragon tattoo done on chest and abdomen of a man. Tatto has an incredible amount of details and it is an entire work of art.  The only bad thing is that in the photo is not reaches to see well all  the tattoo. Tattoo by Eric Michalovic.

Chinese dragon tattoo on the back

A big work on the back, it is an oriental styled dragon. A great idea for a tattoo for those who love dragons or oriental cultures.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo on the back

For those who love Japan’s culture, nothing like this full back tattoo of a japanese dragon. It’s quite an amazing tattoo, but you gotta be really convinced to make such a piece. Excellent work!

Dragon Tattoo on the back

A chinese dragon tattooed on the back of a man, it’s a full back tattoo that should have taken at least three sessions.