Eckel Archive

A black beetle tattooed on the throat

A black scarab tattooed on the throat of a man. There can also be seen a couple of other works: a tiger’s head and an orange flower aside of it.  On the chin is the roman number XIII (thirteen) seen by some people as a bad luck number, but others see it as a good

Portrait tattoo by Eckel from Conspiracy Ink

An impressive portrait of a girl tattooed on the arm. A work done by the tattoo artist Eckel from Conspiracy Ink Tattoo Studio located at Berlin, Germany. The drawing was done in a Victorian fashion and it reminds me to Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite videogame . I know she is not, but it sure resembles a lot.

Bat tattoo by Eckel

Tattoo of a bat done by the tattoo artist Eckel.  This work caught my attention because of the impressive style, it’s quite realistic and seems like the classic painting works.