Egyptian Tattoo Archive

Cleopatra Tattoo on Thigh

Here we’re not sure if Travis Brown has drawn a portrait of one of the most famous queens of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, or used the customer herself as a model. What is clear, however, is that (with a few liberties taken by the artist), this is no ordinary queen, but a Pharaoh, with all the

Masonic Eye of God Tattoo with Branches

Or roots, which run up the inside of the forearm of this man, trying to reach the pyramid drawn on the palm of his hand. Heike del Chorus Tattoo has placed inside the pyramid something that we have heard mentioned several times in this site: The All-Seeing Eye of God

Segmented pyramid on hand

  As I always comment, the inner side of the hands is a strange place where to get tattoos. The tattoo is a pyramid cut in three slices, and in the top an eye for each side. These classical eyes are the annuit coeptis or eye that sees everything. Tattoo done by Gerhard Wiesbeck.

Pharao Mask tattoo

  An egyptian tattoo done on the leg of a boy. It is a pharao’s mask (perhaps Tutankamon?) and also the eye of Horus. This eye was very important for this ancient civilization where it was seen as a protection and healing symbol. A great idea for all those who love this ancient civilization and are

Egyptian tattoos on arm

Some interesting egyptian tattoos around the arm of a boy. We can see there are several elements such as the pharaoh, the pyramid, anubis and an ankh. This is a great idea for egyptian culture lovers.