Elephant Tattoo Archive

Origami Elephants Tattoo

Very elegant with simple lines, showing a pair of elephants, presumably from the same family, as if they were made of paper using the ancient technique of Origami. A technique invented in the Far East, which consists of folding ordinary paper into animals, flowers, objects, and other things.

Indian Elephants Back Tattoo

An extremely elaborate colaboration between Steve Moore and James Tex, which nearly covers this woman’s entire back and showcases three gorgeous Indian elephants. Elephants, wearing some colorful ornamentation as we see sometimes in parades, against a lovely background of green and orange tones.  

Realistic elephant tattoo

  A really nice and detailed tattoo of an elephant done on the back of the leg. The elephant is seen grasping leafs with its trunk.  Elephants are animals that are respected by natives throughout Africa and Asia, they are seen as symbols of patience, wisdom and loyalty. Usually people get tattoos of animals either

Small tattoo of an elephant at wrist

A small and cute elephant baby tattooed on the wrist of a girl. These animals are usually depicted as big and strong, but in this case the aspect is rather simple and cute. A minimalistic design made only with a solid line. Elephants are often associated with good luck, so this can be seen as a

Elephant tattoo on arm

In this tattoo on the arm can be seen the figure of a big elephant in black ink, it has the appearance of being very upset (or at least is the feeling I get from it). The great fangs of this colossal beast give it a brave and fierce aspect.