Elephant Tattoo Archive

Elephant tattoo on upper back

An elephant tattooed on the back of a woman, precisely on the scapula. This is an Indian-looking design, you see the elephant raising his head and trunk, while hoisting a leg, a pose with movement and energy. A very nice blackwork a highly original design.

Origami elephant tattoo for girls

  Tattoo of an elephant with origami style. It is the black figure of the elephant and the  folds are parts in which no ink was added. From the back of the elephant there’s  a lotus flower coming out made ??with cyan ink. Previously we had seen this other tattoo of an elephant in origami.

Ganes tattoo on stomach and ribs

  Ganesh Tattoo. One of the main deities in Hinduism. It is represented as an elephant shaped god with 4 arms, which carry all sort of tools or weapons. A large tattoo found along the entire abdomen and ribs. A job with impressive realism.

Elephant blackwork tattoo

Tattoo on the arm of a man, made with an attractive style of blackwork. This time it is a stylish Indian elephant which has a small crown. Made by Cyrille of Inky Dinky tattoo studio in Lyon, France.  

Snake eating an elephant tattoo (The Little Prince)

Tattoo of a famous illustration of the book The Little Prince, when our young protagonist decides to make a drawing of a snake eating an elephant, which is mistaken for a hat. Below is a very significant sentence of the book: you have great truths within you if only anyone would bother to look.