Elephant Tattoo Archive

Elephant and flowers tattoo

A very aesthetic tattoo of an elephant inside a circle. The design is full of patterns and flowers. Done in only one ink. Elephants symbolize strength, good memory and temperance, the ability to stay calm when thing are going well. A great concept.

Skeleton elephant tattoo

A couple of elephants tattooed on the legs of a girl. On the left right leg there’s a realistic drawing of an elephant, on the other leg there’s a similar drawing but is half a skeleton. Both works done on grayscales. Tattoos done on both legs of a girl.

Dali’s Elephant tattoo

The famous elephants of Salvador Dali, a great idea for a tattoo. It reminds me this other tattoo inspired by Dali. Pure art.

Dumbo Tattoo (wtf?)

Well, this one turned out to be a crazy elephant. Is Dumbo, from the Disney movies.

Elephant tattoo by David Hale

From tattoo artist David Hale. An elephant with his particular style, done in blue ink. More elephant tattoos  or more David Hale tattoos.