Eye Tattoo Archive

Watercolor Eye Tattoo on Arm

This is an incredible tattoo done by the amazing Mike-Shultz, in which he has drawn with exacting precision each and every visible part of a human eye. We’re not sure if this eye belongs to a specific person or if it’s purely fantasy, but it is beautifully made up in shades of blue and purple.

All Seeing Eye of God Arm Tattoo

A tattoo that spans a good length of this man’s arm, and in addition to leaves and triangles, it contains one of the oldest designs known to mankind: the Eye of Horus, more commonly known as the All Seeing Eye of God. Drawn by tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga.  

Unusual Colorfull Skull Tattoo on Side

A skull, sitting calmly in a hand, with a huge variety of objects coming out of it, such as a fan, a type of battery, cables and even a pink flower. A rather original way to represent this subject, done by Do Lessard of 62K Represent.

Masonic Eye of God Tattoo with Branches

Or roots, which run up the inside of the forearm of this man, trying to reach the pyramid drawn on the palm of his hand. Heike del Chorus Tattoo has placed inside the pyramid something that we have heard mentioned several times in this site: The All-Seeing Eye of God

Eye tattooed on the arm

A colorful tattoo on the center of which is an eye looking straight up. The eye inside a c louds from which drops (or perhaps tears?) are falling. The eye may have some relation with the Anuit Coeptis symbol.