Fantasy Tattoo Archive

Majora’s Mask Legend of Zelda Tattoo

In this tattoo we have two key elements of one of the best videogames of The Legend of Zelda saga, Majora’s Mask. A game made for the classic Nintendo 64, in which the villian is the owner of the mask seen in this tattoo, as well as the guardian of Tael, the sort of insect-like

Tattoo of Church in Flames with Devil

At least that’s what this building looks like to me, which Mike Fite has tattooed on the leg of this man. A building accompanied by a mysterious presence, which could be interpreted as a gargoyle, a hellhound or one of the many forms that the Devil may appear in.  

Phaun tattoo on leg

  A tattoo done by Alessandro Florio. It resembles the head of a Phaun, one of the classic Greek mythological creatures. According to the Greek Mythology, these creatures were half man and half a goat, with horns in the head. Fauns inhabited forests and they would sometimes help travelers, but in other occasions they would

Phoenix tattoo on the back for girls

  A variation of the classic phoenix tattoos. Usually these tattoos are large and made with red/orange ink, however, this is an interesting exception. This is a design made with black ink only, fire effect is obtained by a series of  disorderly curved lines that remind the fire. Tattoo done on the upper back of

Phoenix tattoo on the back

  Tattoo of a phoenix, the bird of fire, made ??with black ink and red outlines. The drawing shows this mythological bird in all its glory. An awesome tattoo done along the entire back of this woman, and the result is impressive.