Feather Tattoo Archive

Inkwell tattoo (watercolor)

A beautiful tattoo that may inspire all writers and artists. It is a design done by Leah Williams from Ananda Art and Tattoo Studio located at Denver. It is a traditional inkwell disolved in soft colors (watercolor style), and a classic feather to write which was done with almost solid black lines. A beuatiful contrast

Feather and inkwell tattoo

This is a colorful tattoo in which two symbols of literature are represented, a big blue feather and an inkwell. The design is decorated by a yellow dandelion on the background. Tattoo inspired by Ray Bradbury’s book Dandelion Wine. Tattoo designed by Jerred Kincaid at Holy Mackerel in St. Paul Minnesota.

Colorful wing tattooed on the leg

A tattoo wrapping the girl of this girl. It is a colorful wing of an unknown bird, the amazing details and high contrast colors make it look outstanding. This tattoo was made by Tori from the studio Inki Fingers at Basingstoke, United Kingdom. If you are looking for a talented artist who knows how to

Feather tattoo on the back

A stunning tattoo on the back of a woman. It is a drawing of a child who is drawing butterflies on the ground, it does so with a big feather, on the tip of the feather there are different butterflies of all sizes. Done with warm colors, orange, red and some black ink. Such an amazing

Peacock feathers on arm

Since I started the site I’ve seen dozens of peacock tattoos or their feathers, but this has definitely become one of my favorites. It is a series of elegantly feathers which cover the whole arm. While we may not see the bird at all, it is clear that this feathers are from this majestic bird. Made