Fire Tattoo Archive

Tattoo in process by Melissa Valiquette

  If you had ever wondered how the process of making a color tattoo with great details. This photo shows the progress after the first session of a tattoo done by the artist Melissa Valiquette. It is the portrait of a woman smoking while on the other hand she holds a flame and several envelopes

Skeleton holding a gas lamp

  A tattoo done in an old school fashion. It shows a skeleton’s hand holding a gas lamps. Even skeletons need some light to see in the darkness. Work done at the Hold it Down Tattoo Studio.

Cottage tattoo

A landscape with a cottage in the forest. There’s also the silhouettes of a couple holding hands and in the contour of a hand. A very creative design.

Candle tattoo for girls

Candle tattoo on the stomach of a girl with also a lock. Such an interesting tattoo and a sexy belly.

Church on fire tattoo

 Previously I’ve seen something like this before..