Fish Tattoo Archive

Shark Anatomy Tattoo

A peculiar tattoo, done by Valentin Hirsch, in which we can see in vivid detail a good portion of the internal organs of a shark. Who would get such a tattoo? Perhaps some marine biologist who is fascinated by these sharks o someone with a fondness for studying the anatomy of sea creatures.  

Trout Tattoo on Forearm

A common trout, accompanied by its scientific name, which apparently is intimately related to this woman’s life (because I don’t see any other reason to do something like this). Trout, which has been drawn exceptionally well by one of the artists of Steve’s Tattoo.  

Fish tattoo on stomach

A unique tattoo of a large fish in the middle of the stomach-chest of this guy, done aside, specifically on the ribs. Done with dark inks and with great skill. Ideal for those who love marine animals.

Japanese fish tattoo on arm

Tattoo on the forearm of a woman, is a simple Japanese fish. Mostly orange with a little bit of white  in the abdomen, and some black on the fin and tail. Japanese fish are popular as pets, and certainly the bearer of this tattoo must have a great love for them.

Koi Fish tattoo on forearm

The Japanese carp or koi fish are one of the most classic designs of tattoos. These were used for ornamental purposes in Japan, and then became very popular as pets in many parts of the world. Its meaning as tattoos is perseverance. Tattoo done on the forearm of a man.