Fist Tattoo Archive

Fox tattoo on the fist

A stunning tattoo of a fox done at the back of the hand.

Angry Birds tattoo

Knuckle’s tattoo inspired on the video game Angry Birds from Rovio. Did you say you loved Angry Birds?

Stay Gold tattoo

Tattoo with phrase “Stay Gold” on knuckles. Typography is Roman style, the top half in light blue, and dark color under What do you think?

Tattoo on fist (LOVE)

Word LOVE tattooed on fist of a boy. Accompanied with a serie of small tattoos.

Zombie tattoos

A strange concept. The heads of a couple of zombies, each of them tattooed on a fist. Their aspects also look like if they were old purple statues. A creative design done by the italian artist Dedo Hangman. At Iron Tattoo Varese in Italy.