Flowers Tattoo Archive

Geometric pattern in Heart

A beautiful heart tattoo on the arm. Half of it (the ventricles) appear to be a Rubby due to the geometric patterns on it. The other half looks more natural-like, with realistic patterns but also flowers and seashells. Done by the artist Kendal Harkey at the American Studio Golden Lotus.

Red Watercolor Flowers Tattoo on Arm

These flowers, whose name we don’t know at the moment, were drawn by Stephan Draak with a very delicate and natural touch, alternating between fine brushstrokes and thicker ones. These beautifully done flowers decorate the arm of their owner with bright colors and must have an important significance for this man.  

Skull Tattoo with Flowers

A skull which has lost its jaw, because of a creepy serpent which surrounds the entire piece (the jaw appears in the lower corner of the tattoo). But it is not the only thing represented on the skin of its owner, artist John Barrett of Art Rage Tattoo– it also contains two pretty pink flowers..

Elaborate Floral Back Tattoo

A beautiful, elaborate tattoo done in the two colors most often used in tattoos, black and white, which decorates a significant part of this woman’s back and neck. Based on flowers and leaves of many different shapes and sizes, by tattoo artist Bastien Jean.  

Bird and Flowers Hand Tattoo

Specifically, a beautiful swallow, drawn in black and white by tattoo artist Jonny Breeze on the top of this client’s hand. The bird, drawn in a fairly simple and schematic style, looks like it’s trying to land on some type of bush or shrub, from which two enormous roses emerge.