Food Tattoo Archive

Life is sweet tattoo

A tattoo with a “sweet message”, or we could even say a sweet tattoo. It is a colorful cupcake with a small slice of orange on the top; the cupcake is surrounded by a detail similar to a frame. In the low part we can see a message that says: Life is sweet. Finally in the

Cupcake tattoo by Radu Rusu

Today we present a tattoo done by Radu Rusu, it is a pastry filled with bright colors, topped with a delicious strawberry and beautifully decorated. Done in the front of the leg of a woman.

Little muffin tattoo

This is a colorful and funny tatto. It is a delicious pastry in a light blue color adorned by various elements that make a very pleasant composition. Apparently, the girl who wears this tattoo like the sweet pastries to the point of having one of these snacks drawn on the forearm.

Blue and pink cupcake tattoo

  This is not the first time we see tattoos of cupcakes here on the website, and while it may seem an absurd  idea through, I must say that I found very good tattoos so far. This time it is a blue and white cupcake, the wrapper contains small hearts all around. Made at Revolution Ink

Waffle tattoo on arm

  The owner of this tattoo must love breakfast. A tattoo of some waffles served on the back of the forearm. There’s a blue ribbon with the message “Best Dude Ever“. A very funny indeed study by Josh Woods @ Black 13.