Foot Tattoo Archive

Astronaut and Planets Tattoo on Feet

This astronaut is cruising through outer space on one of this customer’s feet. The design, done by Sacha Unisex, is paired with another of the same shape on the other foot, which contains some of the infinite universe as well as the figure of some reddish planet or asteroid.  

Map of Five Continents Tattoo on Feet

A lovely, colorful map, omitting the seas and oceans, leaving the five continents as the star of this tattoo. The continents have been colored by the artist in a way that we are familiar with from books and encyclopedias.

Tattoo of Children Playing Telephone

A system that surely looks very strange to today’s children, but was used in the past by generations of children all over the world, among them this woman. A tattoo in which a boy and a girl, created by Sharsdwad, seem to be having an interesting conversation.  

Made In England Tattoo on Foot

A tattoo created by the hand of tattoo artist Cara Delevigne, with which this woman shows the world the great love she has for the country of her birth, none other than England. Not an easy task either, being in an area that is pretty sensitive to any type of stimulation.  

Geometic Tattoos on Feet

  A pair of designs created in Hold It Down Tattoo, whose appearance remind me of some of the geometic designs used in the traditional clothes worn by Native Americans in North America. These designs must have been pretty painful to have done, given the large number of bones in this area of the feet.