Foot Tattoo Archive

Rainforest frog tattoo

  A vivid animal from the rainforest: the tropical frogs. These animals are seen as symbols of wisdom and luck, but be careful, they can also be dangerous and extremly poisonous. A tattoo done by Josh Woods at Black 13 Tattoo. If you are looking for someone who masters in color tattoos, for sure he

Dove tattoo on the leg

Dan Smith is the artist behind this tattoo located on the lower side of the leg. The tattoo is of a dove, which may not be the most brave nor do elegant bird, but some people find them charming. The tattoo itself is nicely done with great colors and shades. Doves can be seen as

Small colorful bird

A colorful tattoo of a small bird. The design seems like a cartoon, with high contrast and just some lines to give the full idea of the bird. I the background there is a soft purple background and in the front there are a couple of hearts. A highly romantic tattoo. Design made by Nikita

Ant drinking water (tattoo)

Resat Gül surprises us once again with this hyper-realistic tattoo. It is a design of a thirsty ant drinking water from a pond. The details of this work are such that make it look almost like a real scene. Despite having used only dark inks,  the design has a lot of vitality because of the

Heart an anchor tattoo

An intertwined heart and anchor tattoo. Located at the ankle of a girl. The anchor is an emblematic symbol of the sea and is also a symbol of perseverance. The heart attached to the anchor is for sure the love to the sea. The design may not be the best, but for sure it is