Foot Tattoo Archive

Pizza and dessert tattoo

A couple of funny and colorful tattoos done on the feet of a girl. On one of them there’s a pepperoni pizza, and in the othere there is lemon pie. For those who find “eating” as one of the best feelings in the world, this tattoo makes complete sense. Although is a strange idea to

Anchor tattooed on feet

A couple of small tattoos inked on the toes of a girl. Each of them is an identical anchor made with only black ink and tattooed on the inner side of the toes. Anchors are oftenly tattooed on the foot as symbols of stability. Would you like to get a tattoo like this? Share it

Paper boat tattoo on the leg

On a fishing trip with a boat sailing winds red paper, the same that follows the course of a star blue leakage. We are facing a tattoo that looks like something out of a fairy tale so owns a special charm. If you love the sea this is the ideal tattoo for you.

Cat tattooed on foot

A small cat tattoo on the foot of a girl. Designed by Kevin Hamilton in the city of Lexington – Kentucky. The brown color of the cat adds a sweet and charming look. Also, the’re are included some footprints that surely belong to this cute animal.

Stay gold tattoo on feet

The phrase Stay Gold is what is tattooed on the lower leg of this man. A message that is used as a memento about remaining just as we are, you never have to change for someone else. A deep meaning, and a nice way to always remember it.