Foot Tattoo Archive

Key and envelope tattoo on feet

A tattoo that apparently is a message of love done in the inner side of the feet. It may be about love in the distance, or perhaps about a penpal friendship. The small size of the tattoo and the location of it makes it a discrete tattoo.

Great flower tattooed on feet

A huge tattoo that covers practically all the feet of the girl. This monochrome tattoo has the figure of a huge flower on dark ink, the petals extend to verge on the toes. This tattoo has a unique design very attractive.

Heart tattoo on foot

Located in the foot with a simple design and subtle this heart tattoo is just great. A really discrete place where to get a tattoo, but that can be shown whenever you want (pick up some hills or flats, and there you go).

Tardis tattoo on foot

  Another Whovian tattoo, this time is the famous blue police box, The TARDIS. On one side is a message written in Gallifreyan, the language invented for this series, which consists of circles and lines that make an interesting effect. If you’re a fan of this series, definitely need a Tardis tattoo.

Dinosaur and arrow on foot

  Three tattoos on a woman’s foot. To begin, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex just above the heel, then you see a phrase in italics on the front, and finally an arrow on the back foot. The one I liked the most is the T-Rex, although we can’t see it completely. Of the three tattoos which