Fox Tattoo Archive

Cute Fox Tattoo on Hand

An adorable little fox, drawn by Halb Stark with a style similar to that of comics, whose delightful owner has decided to tattoo on the palm of her hand. This fox seems to be napping happily wrapped up in his bushy tail, with a large black X abover his head, whose meaning is a complete

Japanese Fox Tattoo

A majestic animal, proudly brought to life here by tattoo artist Emma Louise on the arm of its owner, representing one of the most beautiful figures of Japanese mythology, the fox Kitsune. How can we be so sure? Well, there aren’t any other foxes in Japanese mythology. This fox has 9 tails trailing behind him.

Fox tattoo by Peter Aurisch

  One of my favorite tattoo artists, Peter Aurisch, who works in the city of Berlin, Germany. His works often revolve thematic beauty and nature, and combined with geometric elements with an appeal between abstract and cubism. This time it is a fox done with red and black ink. From his head there are coming

Tatuaje de un zorro y una chica

A couple of tattoos on the forearm of a woman. On the upper side there is the portrait of a woman with a cartoon style, and below (which is what caught my attention) is a drawing of a fox. By Rob Benigno at Imperial Art Studio @ Tonawanda, NY.

Woman and fox tattoo

Tattoo on the leg of a young woman. It has not yet color ink. This is a design of a woman who is wearing a fox fur over his head beneath it there are a couple of roses. A design that resembles the Native American Style. Made by Solomon form the Trofatter Splash Color studio