Friki Tattoo Archive

Superman “S” Tattoo on Arm

A design created in the Lost Lies Tattoo studio, which replicates with astonishing accuracy the emblem of one of the most famous of American superheroes: Superman. This emblem, drawn on a woman’s arm, has changed out the traditional red color for a much more elegant silver gray.  

Wonder Woman Tattoo on Arm

  This tattoo, designed by Brazilian tattoo artist Victor Xis of Gelly’s Tattoo studio, features the penetrating gaze of on the most famous of American suerpheroines. Known by many as Wonder Woman, she was created in the early 1940s by DC Comics.

Dungeons and Dragons 20 Sided Die Tattoo

A green die created by tattoo artist Seth Fyffe of Iron Raven Tattoo studio, with which this woman has chosen to decorate her skin. This die, known in the world of RPG as a D20 (because it has 20 sides), was designed specifically from one of the most popular games of this genre: Dungeons and

Octopus Woman Tattoo

A somewhat extravagent tattoo, drawn by Ien Levin, on the forearm of its owner. You know what’s weird? Having an octopus on your shoulders. Not exactly ordinary (and really makes you think about the preferences of this customer), but this artist has taken it on with no problem whatsoever.

Lost numbers tattoo

  Lost TV show was such a hit at the time. Remember the mysterious numbers that appeared throughout the series? Well, here are the numbers turned into a tattoo. Maybe a tattoo for good fortune? What is certain is that the girl who did this tattoo truly loved the series. The numbers are: 4, 8,