Gamers’ Tattoo Archive

Aku Aku Mask (Crash Bandicoot)

For those from the late eighties or early 90s, this tattoo surely will bring memories of your childhood! It is the Aku Aku mask video game Crash Bandicoot, one of the most revolutionary 3D plataformers. Also one of the most emblematic games of the PlayStation. I found this photo prowling Tumblr so I do not know the

Pyramid Head tattoo on calf

The fearsome character Pyramid Head, one of the most popular enemies in video games of Silent Hill. Pyramid Head is holding in one hand a sword and in the other the skin of a person (giuk). On the floor are several skulls of people. Tattoo done on the calf of a man.

Tetris heart tattoo on the back

A very geek and gamer tattoo, this is a heart made ??up of tetromins. Yes, that’s what they call the shaped pieces of four blocks in the classic game of Tetris. The heart shaped heart is adorable, and the large number of colors it becomes a funny tattoo. If you liked this tattoo, perhaps you

Mario tattoo on forearm

  The character Mario, from the epic saga of Nintendo video games. Its appearance is very similar to that seen in Gamecube and onward. Above him is a star and the two classic mushrooms (red and green). A subtle blue shade gives the effect of depth. Tattoo on the forearm of a young man.

NES Control tattoo

It’s time to post some gamer tattoo, and nothing like a tattoo of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) the console of the childhood of many of us. In fact it is a just control and next to it a classic Star from Mario Bros. games.