Gamers’ Tattoo Archive

Fallout tattoo

Fallout Tattoo. Done on back of a girl, What else do you want, gamers?

Pikachu tattoo

Remember Pokemon yellow version? Everybody love it, it was quite funny to see Pikachu following you everywhere. Well, this girl now presumed us her pokemon tattoo of classic style.

Gamer tattoo on shoulder

For all lovers of video games tattoos. Pure nostalgia, as I did not like the face of Link.

Mario Bros tattoo

A pair of funny Mario Bros tattoos. It is precisely the mushrooms to make you big and the 1Up tattooed on his ankles.

Kirby tattoo

One of the most iconic characters in the world of video games. Yes, it is a Kirby tattoo, done on ??chest of a boy. To make the tattoo more funny,  Kirby is right after eating Link.