Gamers’ Tattoo Archive

Silent Hill’s Nurse tattoo

A tattoo of one of the terrifying Silent Hill’ nurses, an excellent game of horror and survival horror. His appearance in the film is terrifying too. Behind the nurse is one of the symbols of witchcraft that used to see in the game.

Gamer tattoo on arm

  Here on the site we have a section on gamer tattoos, where we see tattoos inspired by video games of all time. This time it is a collage where you see the emblem of Gears of War coming out of a plant (I think it is from Mario bros.) And bellow it is also

Mana Potion tattoo (Ragnarok Online)

 For those enjoy MMO video games or for those who once played Ragnarok Online. This is a tattoo of mana potion container. With a moth and a rose below it. By Phil Wilkinson who usually tattoos in Manchester although this work was done during a stay in Berlin.

Cherry tree and boos tattoo

  A very nice tattoo of a cherry tree blooming, and between the branches we can see a couple of boos, the funny ghosts that shy when you see them. A geeky and excellent tattoo done on the shoulder and arm of a girl at Offbeat Ink tattoo @Malmö, Sweden. Done by the artist MenaceTatuaje realizado

Pyramid head tattoo

 A tattoo of Pyramid Head, one of the most emblematic enemies fromt he Silent Hill video games. It’s the look of a butcher but with a very violent and cruel behaivor. A strange tattoo, done basically for the love to these saga and the old good horror games.