Gamers’ Tattoo Archive

Skeletal Dragon tattoo

A skeletal dragon tattooed on the arm of a boy. Tattoo inspired in Skyrim and done by Luke Blegen from  Golden Spiral Tattoo Studio @ Greensboro, NC.

Portal tattoo (video game)

For those gamer couples who are deeply in love. A tattoo inspired in the Portal video game. Each one with half of the portal which “joins them”. I’m not sure if this is a real tattoo, but it’s still a cool idea.

Pyramid Head Tattoo (Silent Hill)

From the Silent Hill video game series, Pyramid Head, perhaps one of the most gory characters in the video games.

Raich pokemon tattoo

Tattoo of Raichu, the evolution of pikachu on the anime/cartoon series of Pokémon. Work done by Ben @ Soul Tattoo at Mansfield, MA.

Shoryuken tattoo

Geek and gamer’s tattoos everywhere. This time is the description of the special movement Shoryuken from Street Fighter video games. A handy combo list?