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Gecko tattoo on arm (henna)

Tattoo of a gecko. This is a design made with henna, however I like it. The appearance is similar to that of the crafts that are usually done in southern Mexico and Central America. Where it is very common to see these animals. I do not usually upload henna tattoos unless their designs are interesting

Lizard (or gecko) tattoo on feet

A lizard (or perhaps a gecko) tattooed on the back of the foot of  a girl. Tattoo done with only black ink. The detail of the lizard’s tail wraping around the toe makes it look great!

Gecko tattoo on the back

Gecko’s are the most popular lizard for tattoos. Their meaning is the love for nature, or, for the pace where we belong or want to be.

Gecko tattoo

A gecko tattooed on wrist, photography is flipped to appreciate better the tattoo.