Geek Tattoo Archive

Boba Fett tattoo

  One of the most appraised enemies of the Star Wars saga: Boba Fett, with his classical aspect as seen in Clone Wars. Work done by the masterhands of Josh Woods from Black 13 Tattoo. Maybe you have seen other works of him around and for sure noticed his peculiar style which combines a lot

Hulk tattoo on the leg

The incredible Hulk tattooed on the back of the leg of a boy. This famous character from Marvel Comics is depicted as if it was comming out of the leg of this man. Work done by Eugene Ian from the Ink Tattoo Studio. As always, a lot of details which only few tattoo artist can manage

Batman comic strip tattoo on arm

Tattoo of the famous Dark Knight, Batman, made with great detail and colors in the style of classical comics. This is a design by Ian from Ink Tattoo Studio. This is a perfect place for lovers of comics geeks and tattoo, and in recent years has become a very common trend. If you want to

Robocop realist tattoo

JJ Javier, member of Bodystain Tatoo and Piercing, did this tattoo on his arm which put great care and dedication. The image is portrayed very famous character of the 80’s movies: Robocop. The studio is located at  Columbus, OH., so visit it if you have the opportunity.

Dragon Ball Z tattoo on arm

This tattoo is perfect for couples who like Japanese anime Dragon Ball, on the arm of the man is drawn world-renowned Shen Long surrounded by dragon balls, one of these is tattooed on the back of the girl. The tattoo conveys the supplement that would be great for a lot of couples.