Geometric tattoos Archive

Geometric pattern in Heart

A beautiful heart tattoo on the arm. Half of it (the ventricles) appear to be a Rubby due to the geometric patterns on it. The other half looks more natural-like, with realistic patterns but also flowers and seashells. Done by the artist Kendal Harkey at the American Studio Golden Lotus.

Hexogonal Geometric Tattoo

An intricate geometric design in black, white, red and yellow, which combines several types of polygons, such as: a pair of hexagons forming the two principal structures, spheres, triangles of different sizes and many other polygonal shapes.  

Geometric Snake Tattoo on Abdomen and Arm

A spectacular black skinned snake, coiling up around itself along the arm, side, back and most of the abdomen of this man. This snake, whose head is not visible in this picture, was created expertly by French tattoo artist Xoil.  

Origami Elephants Tattoo

Very elegant with simple lines, showing a pair of elephants, presumably from the same family, as if they were made of paper using the ancient technique of Origami. A technique invented in the Far East, which consists of folding ordinary paper into animals, flowers, objects, and other things.

Mandala Tattoo on Forearm

Created by one of the best Mandala tattoo artists today, Jondix, with a design with clear references to solar bodies. A design which has, necessarily, in its center, an omnipresent All Seeing Eye, surrounded by lines in the shape of sun rays.