Geometric tattoos Archive

Mandala Tattoos on Hands

Mandalas, covering the entire back of both hands of this heavily tattooed man. Two beautiful designs, created by the amazing tattoo artist Jondix, which contain several of the classic motifs of this type of tattoo, schematically drawn flowers and almond shaped eyes.

Mandala Tattoo Eye of Horus and Text

Created by Jondix, so that it looks this good, on one of the biceps of its owner. A Mandala, which, as you can see, has in the middle a Sanskrit word (meaning unknown), surounded by a geometric wreath in which you can find 6 half-open eyes.

Checkerboard Circle Tattoo Arm and Back

A circle of considerable proportions, which adorns a small part of the arm and back of its owner. Created by Jondix based on small black and white polygons, giving the impression of a sort of spiral, growing ever deeper, finally ending with a black hole in the center.  

Mandala Back Tattoo

This woman chose to cover her back in a sort of protective hug, whose cental part, in the shape of a spear point, stands out from the rest. A design created based on lights and shadows, done by the amazing Jondix.  

Mandala Tattoos on Arms

A pair of basic mandalas, guarding both arms of the wearer, drawn by an expert on the subject, the tattoo artist known artistically by the name Jondix. The artist has chosen, in this case, two designs with simple elements, such as triangles and solar flames, closely connected to the origin of these tattoos.