Geometric tattoos Archive

Buddha Tattoo on Chest

In which we see the majestic, smiling figure of Buddha, masterfully drawn by tattoo artist Jondix. A divinity radiating a sort of special energy which runs through his whole body and expands in the central part of the drawing, enclosed by two Chinese dragons.

Abstract tattoo on the back

  A design made by Xoil on the back of a girl. As many other designs created by Xoil, it uses abstract imagery and is hard to tell what it could represent. Xoil is a French tattoo artist who likes playing with geometric shapes, high contrast colors and all sort of abstract conceptions. I highly

Circular tattoo on the back

  Design made by Julia Rehme. There are several circles which are laid in different angles in such a way that create the aspect of a sphere. It is a minimalistic design which could represent a lot of things, circle is considered to be the shape of perfection and balance, and seeing several of them

Philippine tribal tattoo

  An impressive blackwork of a tribal Philippine done around the leg of a man. This style is very peculiar as it uses geometric patterns and solid black to create art. The artist behind this work is Jonathat Cena. Tribals are perhaps the most ancient of the tattoo styles, they were meant for brave warriors as decorations to

Cuboctahedron on the back

A tattoo on the middle of the back of a girl, it is a 3D geometric figure, to be more precise a cuboctahedron. This figure consists of 6 faces with a cube shape and 8 additional ones with the shape of triangles. This figure was created during the Ancient Greek by Archimedes when the basic