Geometric tattoos Archive

Geometric tattoo on arms

The geometry is source of inspiration for many people around the world. There is something between mystery and magic in how the geometry can be used to create functional structures but also complex and beautiful designs. This tattoo is a good example of it, by creating straight lines around the perimeter of a circle one

3D Impossible Triangle

One of the shapes that are more fashionable among urban subculture that we all know by the nickname Hipster, is the triangle. What made them take it as a reference? Be one of the symbols that evoke geometric perfection. This particular made ??by Chris Hatch, symbolizes masculine, fire and most importantly of all, life

Simple cube tattoo

Done with the simplest design that someone could imagine: a cube. Maybe this could be the most minimalistic tattoo I’ve ever seen (economic on ink?) Geometric figures are often associated with balance and harmony, and this tattoo could represent the same. Even thought that is a simple tattoo, one can notice that the work was

Bee tattoo on the foot

The great talent of Julie Clarke is present in this quirky tattoo of bees. The fine details that have these tattoos tell us that Julie is a great artist, a couple of bees, with a geometric background. This pair of tattoos was designed in Colchester, Essex for Flaming Gun Tattoo.

Tatuaje de polilla en brazo

Polilla acompañada de círculos y otras líneas interesantes. Pareciera de Mäxime Büchi. El tatuaje está acompañado de patrones de figuras geométricas como triángulos y círculos. Trabajo realizado en el antebrazo.