Halloween Archive

Gothic Raven Tattoo on Hand

A hair-raising tattoo, which tattoo artist Kelly Doty designed to show off her talents at an exposition, on one of those fake hands that we’ve all seen at Halloween parties. This hand is decorated with an enormous figure of a raven, with ghostly surroundings.  

Vampire candy corn

  A candy corn, very typical of all American Halloween celebrations. In order to make it look more “terrorific” this design has a sort of vampiric look, with a creepy eyes, sawtooth teeth and bat wings, but at the end it just simply looks cute and funny. Something pretty simple, full of colors and a

Horror Pumpkin tattoo

  A tattoo done in both forearms of a boy, it contains a Halloween design of a pumpkin with a creepy face. The pumpkin lies in a haunted field, perhaps a cemetery. On the background one can see a church and a raven. A highly detailed work with nice colors and shades.

Jack Skellington tattooo

A tattoo done by the talented hands of Papa Tony. It is a design inspired in one of the best movies from Tim Burton: The Nightmare before Christmas. In the design it apears Jack Skellington and his dog Zero, in the background there are two spooky pumpkins. A huge tattoo that covers all the side

Jack O’ Lantern tattoo

  Perhaps an overused design for halloween tattoos, but why should anyone care? It is the Jack O’ Lantern stabbed with a dagger. The dagger has a skull on the grip to make it look more spooky. The design has clearly two styles on it, on one hand the pumpkin looks cartoonish on the other