Hamsa Archive

Hamsa tattooed on the lower leg

A Hamsa symbol tattooed on the lower leg of a man, the figure looks like a hand with five fingers extended in the midst of this hand can be appreciated an eye staring around which there is a series of ornaments. A symbol of protection and good fortune.

Hamsa tattoo on shoulder

  The Hand of Fatima, also known as Hamsa. It is a symbol of an open hand with an eye in the middle which serves as “amulet” protection. A very popular Semitic symbol which is often used on tattoos. Made by John Ragoe study tattooist Black 13.

Khamsa tattoos

Small  Hand of Fatima, or Hamsa, Khamsa tattoo. A symbol of protection against evil eye. Tattoo done by Dave Hood from  Uptown Tattoos studio located in New Orleanss.

Hand of Fatima tattoo

The hamsa or hand of fatima, tattooed on chest of a man.

Hamsa tattoo on wrist

Fatima hand, or also called Hamsa, is a common symbol in Semitic religions. It means protection against bad luck.