Hand Picked Archive

Dotwork tattoos on the back of hands

 A series of tattoos on the backs of the hands of a woman. On one side is the face of Buddha, the other side is a flower, both done as dotworks. There are other smaller tattoos on the fingers, small flowers, a cloud, a horseshoe, among other small items.

Hand picked tattoo on the hand

  A hand picked tattoo, also called dotwrok, done on the back of the hand of a girl. It’s a red flower, or could be seen also as a mandala. All the tattoo is done with red ink except for the upper corner. From the wrist up to the arm there’s a text written in sanskrit. Tattoo done

Dotwork flower on arm

A hand picked (or dot work) tattoo done at the arm of a girl. Tattoo artist: Damin, Studio: Blue Dragon at Brighton.

Mirror tattooed on arm

Mirror tattoo on arm, inside of it an eye. It is hard for me to interpret it, but I would make a remark on the fact that: It is through the eyes that we can perceive the mirror; and is only through a mirror that we can see our own eyes. Something very interesting of this