Heart Tattoo Archive

Geometric pattern in Heart

A beautiful heart tattoo on the arm. Half of it (the ventricles) appear to be a Rubby due to the geometric patterns on it. The other half looks more natural-like, with realistic patterns but also flowers and seashells. Done by the artist Kendal Harkey at the American Studio Golden Lotus.

Tatuaje de corazón floral

Un bonito dibujo realizado por el tatuador ucraniano Maxim Novodvorskiy del estudio Blackout Tattoo Workshop, en el que una flor (no se mucho de botánica) cae hacia delante, sujetada por una cuerda con la forma de un corazón. Un precioso detalle para demostrarle a esa persona que tanto quiere, lo mucho que le importa, sin

Divided heart

  Another design created at 7 Ink Tattoo Studio. The design outstands due its originality and uniqueness. It is a classic heart divided in two pieces; one is the classic cartoonish heart, while the other has a chess-like pattern on it. The heart lies above a metal board, and the contours seem to be the

Heart an anchor tattoo

An intertwined heart and anchor tattoo. Located at the ankle of a girl. The anchor is an emblematic symbol of the sea and is also a symbol of perseverance. The heart attached to the anchor is for sure the love to the sea. The design may not be the best, but for sure it is

“Real Heart” tattooed on the leg

A tattoo of a realistic human heart tattooed on the leg of a girl. The design is made in such a way that shows the main arteries of the heart. Interesting enough it was done with only one ink (red) and by not painting the conoturns the design gets an interesting aspect. An unusual tattoo,